Subscription on water delivery

Water delivery is a subscription arrangement, the customer asks for a number of every weekdays deliverance on the property. The local offers on delivery are different in each their place and depends on the number of customers and deliverances. Frequency longer than 14 days should be ordered as extra deliverance. A fixed delivery fee is paid according to the number of deliveries. The fee is to be paid, even when you are away or on vacation, as Nukissiorfiit has monthly expenses, such as salary, fuel, maintenance, insurance and administration. Nukissiorfiit has rights to organize the deliverances on certain dates of the week according to what is most effective regarding costs, and not tied to certain days. 

The customer is to make the property free of belongings in the parking lot, as to make room for water deliverance equipment and thus ensure avoiding the risks of damaging the belongings of the customer. The parking lot is to be free of snow and ice. If there is any boats around or something else on the water deliverance parking lot, those are to be marked clearly. Nukissiorfiit cannot be held responsible from any damage and cannot provide compensation.

Changing any day on deliverance requires a call to Nukissiorfiit's Customer service 801150 at least the day before. Nukissiorfiit has rights to change the days for deliverance, to make the deliverances more even throughout the week. 

Subscribing to a new agreement on water deliverance can be accepted only if the customer is not overdue with bills. Water deliverance will be stopped at any moment if the customer is overdue in payment of bills for water.